Has Tim Burton Lost His Edge?

April 19, 2010 at 11:40 pm (Tim Burton Themes) (, , , , , )

“I treat every movie like it’s my next-and-last.”

Tim Burton

Some would say yes with the release of his more recent films, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland.  As a die-hard Burton fan I feel he can do no wrong, besides agree to “some” CGI usage to cut cost.  Some may say his films are slowly losing their “Burtonesque touch” and I would sadly have to agree after watching Alice in Wonderland. I would like to say it is because of the over usage of CGI, which makes everything look crisp or too clean.  He did create a wonderful Chocolate factory and Wonderland but they seem to have the influence of “Disney” artist, compared to his films such as Edward Scissorhands and even his more recent Corpse Bride.  Though I can not convince myself that I am disappointed with this man as I sit in bed and push play to enter his film world.

Maybe this is just the evolution of Tim Burton


  1. Morgan Gaw said,

    I personally think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was good, but I think Depp really made that film into what is was. I was disappointed by Corpse Bride and Alice in Wonderland. Maybe I was just expecting another Nightmare Before Christmas out of Corpse Bride, but I wasn’t impressed by it. There was so much hype about Alice in Wonderland, people were expecting so much again that it just wasn’t perceived well. I miss the films that I forget are Tim Burton like Big Fish and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Maybe he should go back to coming up with his own ideas again.

    • burtonsview said,

      I had a conversation about getting Burton an original script. We all need it to happen.

  2. Ashley said,

    Okay, so it seems that we are a part of the very small group of people who can see where Burton is coming from with his recent works.

    Though I was not a huge fan of The Corpse Bride largely because of the musical numbers, I still saw it in theaters and bought the DVD because I want to support Burton in all of his endeavors. I appreciated the fact that Victor’s mother’s boobs jiggle as she walked and despite sounding like a perv, it was AWESOME.

    What I say in defense of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is that it’s not a remake. It’s a reinterpretation. There are directors who’ve remade movies shot-for-shot, just updating what was already made. But Burton made his own Charlie Bucket and his own Willy Wonka. And I actually liked the musical numbers because Danny Elfman is a genius and it added a different kind of flare to a story that we all know.

    • burtonsview said,

      Thank you Ashley, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not a remake, It’s a reinterpretation. I’ve been saying that and no one listens. It is his vision of the film and I noticed the boobs too, but I also actually loved the musical numbers. Even the parents depressing one, but that’s my humor.

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