Burton’s View REANIMATED

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“Visions are worth fighting for.  Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?”

Tim Burton

Hello all,

I love this quote.  It is true.  I’m afraid I am guilty of putting my visions up on a shelf and it is time to dust them off.

He is always quite an inspiring man.

I have left this blog unattended for some time and I do apologize.  I wanted to inform you that I intend to bring it back to life as Tim Burton  has with Frankenweenie.  If you have not viewed the original, I suggest you do.  It is live action, different from his latest creation which is stop-motion.

This blog was originally a school project, but now that I am out of school and living in Burton’s hometown of Burbank, I would like to continue with Burton’s View, his life work and creations.  Please feel free to suggest topics.

MK Lynn

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