Burton Sleeping With Johnny Again?

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I would do anything Tim wanted me to. You know – have sex with an aardvark… I would do it.

Johnny Depp

Depp has signed on yet another film with Burton called Dark Shadows.  If you are a Tim Burton fan you certainly must be a Johnny Depp fan because he’s in almost every Burton film as of late.  Though he is not the only actor that has been used again and again.  Wikipedia created a chart of how many times each actor has been in his films and Helena Bonham Carter is gathering up points as well.


I am not sure of why Burton reuses actors but I will give him, Depp and Bonham Carter credit for creating new characters for each film.  When Depp first came on the scene it was as Edward Scissorhands, a softspoken man with scissors for hands, then forward through time a bit to the fainthearted Icabod Crane who curiosity in Sleepy Hallow almost gets him beheaded, then to Sweeney Todd, the hard hearted man who will stop at nothing to cut the throat of the man who ruined his life, to our most recent the Mad Hatter who is obviously different in appearance with red hair, green eyes and gapped teeth, and of course, well mad.  Each character provides a new voice, accent, tone, posture, NEW CHARACTER.

Both men are brilliant but let us not forget Miss. Bonham Carter, the women with say in Burton’s world.  Not only in appearance starting out with Burton in a full ape costume in Planet of the Apes but presence as well.  Gentle and welcoming mother in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory to the demanding and frightening Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.  There is no stopping this women, she was an ape, then a big headed queen, she will transform herself into her character.

I assume it is easy for Burton to work with the same actors because they are comfortable with each other and know how they work, know what to expect and know that it will be brilliant.

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Is He Mad?

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“We did research on orange-haired characters, from Bozo to Carrot Top and everything in between.  It was quite disturbing.”

Tim Burton

Once again Tim Burton and Johnny Depp combined forces to create the wonderful and clever Mad Hatter in Burton’s newest film, Alice in Wonderland.  Depp made a most convincing Mad Hatter, in fact he almost went too mad a few times.  The Hatter asks, “Have I gone mad?”  To which Alice replies, “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

From the outfit to the laugh the Mad Hatter is an exciting new character that has come from the glorious minds of Depp and Burton.  He may look a bit much from the posters with the heavy makeup but I assure you, he is a very enjoyable character.  The Mad Hatter has a kind of loneliness about him that can relate him to previous characters from Burton, such as Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington and even Beetlejuice.  They are all one of a kind as is Burton himself.

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