Burton’s Nightmare

April 19, 2010 at 11:33 pm (the Nightmare Before Christmas) (, , , )

“There’s a painful quality when you grow up and you’re not perceived correctly”

Tim Burton

Tim Burton and Danny Elfman have proven to compliment each other with the beautiful films they have created that is pleasant to our eyes and ears.

I feel the music and lyrics by Danny Elfman add to the “friendliness” in The Nightmare Before Christmas. The songs Elfman wrote help to provide a more inviting feeling that sits on top of the dark settings and ghoulish creates. The monsters sing their HEARTS out.

If you watch this film without sound as a parent there may be a feeling of uneasiness as they prepare for Christmas and make a dead rat a hat, and as the toys chase after the children.  They have the best intentions of “improving” Christmas as they sing, “Making Christmas.  Time to give them something fun, they’ll talk about for years to come.”

It’s funny how right they were and 17 years later we still talk about The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The music and songs are a major part of why this film has become a classic that we still enjoy today.

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